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Iguassu Falls: Point of Interest Map
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Iguassu Falls Vacations
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** Iguassu or Iguazu? **
Recognized by many as the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, 'Iguassu' is one of Brazil's top destinations. Shared by Brazil and Argentina ('Iguazu' on the Argentine side), Iguassu Falls is a spectacular natural wonder, one of the most popular destinations in all of South America. Second only to Niagara Falls in flow, Iguassu is actually 275 individual falls, and can be accessed from many more vantage points than either Niagara or Victoria falls in Africa. Iguassu's unique shape creates spellbinding views with dramatic accessible walkways, that afford visitors unsurpassed panoramic vistas.
Iguassu Falls Info
Brazil vs. Argentina
Brazilian Side
Visiting the Iguassu National Park (Brazilian side) allows travelers to take the most stunning panoramic pictures of the falls. Ideal for passengers with mobility difficulties, the paths are designed with multiple ramps (opposed to the multiple steps found on the argentinian side). Among the park facilities there is an elevator for easier access between the upper and lower levels (another big difference with the argentinian park), and a close by gift shop and restaurant, ideal for a refreshing stop. It is possible to tour through the Brazilian side of the Falls in a short 4 hour visit if you are not planning to go biking, hiking or on a river adventure. Keep in mind however, that a Visa is required for americans who wish to go to Brazil and must be requested to the Brazilian Consulate in the USA way in advance before the trip. In general lines, the Argentinian and Brazilian sides complement each other, and you will need to go to the Argentinian side if you want to have the adrenaline filled experience of getting so close to the falls at the Devil's Throat.
The Iguazu National Park (Argentinian side) does give you a taste of the most powerful component of Iguazu Falls - the Devil's Throat (La Garganta del Diablo). From the Paseo Inferior (Lower Level) catwalks, you'll only be limited to a rather distant view of the Devil's Throat. However, once you get onto the Paseo Garganta del Diablo (The Devil's Throat Walk), you'll get right up to the brink of the mighty torrent of water for a top-down view. A experience you definitely do not want to miss. The Argentina side encompasses a much larger portion of Iguazu Falls than the Brazil side (at least from an area standpoint). This includes all of the San Martin Island (a large parcel of land that comprises one of the series of islands splitting the falls into two main components - Devil's Throat and then the rest). Catwalks are far longer in length than its Brazilian counterpart and this means you get right up to the majority of the network of waterfalls that make up the greater Iguazu Falls.
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Samba and Tango! This classic itinerary will take you from famous Rio de Janeiro for a visit to the newly declared Wonder of the World 'Christ the Redeemer' to Iguassu Falls and its breathtaking natural spectacle, ending your trip in Buenos Aires to stroll in the streets of the Paris of South America and experience one of their Tango Shows.
This is a flexible package with daily departures from all cities in USA and Canada, choose your length of stay and add/pick your tours in each city. Book your Vacation in Brazil and Argentina now!
8 nights from $1,379*
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Machu Picchu - Iguazu Falls - Buenos Aires
11 nights from $2,499*
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Rio de Janeiro
8 nights from $1,333*
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Santiago
9 nights from $1,839*
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Salvador da Bahia
8 nights from $1,800*
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Amazon Lodge
8 nights from $1,942*
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Mendoza
9 nights from $1,924*
Iguazu Falls - Ushuaia - El Calafate
9 nights from $2,196*
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Pantanal - Sao Paulo
10 nights from $3,587*
Buenos Aires - Bariloche - Iguazu Falls
8 nights from $2,109*
Rio de Janeiro - Pantanal - Iguazu Falls
8 nights from $3,361*
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Bariloche - El Calafate
12 nights from $2,504*
Iguazu Falls - Bariloche - El Calafate - Ushuaia
11 nights from $2,966*
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - El Calafate - Puerto Madryn
9 nights from $2,663*
Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo - Iguazu Falls - Buenos Aires
10 nights from $1,746*
Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Pantanal - Amazon Lodge
11 nights from $4,134*
Buenos Aires - Bariloche - Iguazu Falls - Rio de Janeiro
10 nights from $2,326*
Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Amazon Clipper - Salvador da Bahia
11 nights from $3,459*
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - El Calafate
8 nights from $1,980*
Rio de Janeiro - Ouro Preto - Iguazu Falls - Amazon - Salvador da Bahia
14 nights from $3,276*
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Lake Crossing
More details
Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls - Salta - El Calafate
12 nights from $2,855*
Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Buenos Aires - Machu Picchu
15 nights from $2,765*
Buenos Aires - Mendoza - Iguazu Falls - Rio de Janeiro
10 nights from $1,767*
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Buenos Aires - Montevideo
10 nights from $3,860*
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Buenos Aires and the Lake District
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Amazon Lodge - Salvador da Bahia
11 nights from $2,247*
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