Situated on the northern tip of South America, Colombia fringes on both the Atlantic and Pacific, with soaring Andean summits, enigmatic Amazon jungle and unspoiled Caribbean coasts. This resplendent nation offers abundantly diverse landscapes ranging from coffee-strewn emerald hilltops to snowcapped peaks, sandy beaches and lush tropics replete with flora and wildlife. Its equatorial position creates a varied terrain that is fertile ground for nature adventurers..
Ancient civilizations left behind a wealth of fascinating archaeological and cultural sites throughout Colombia that include cities, ruins and tombs shrouded in mystery. Visit Cartegena, a charming colonial port on the Caribbean coast with narrow cobbled streets, which is a World Heritage Site and the chief literary muse of the Nobel Laureate, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, famous for "magical realism." Visit Bogota, the nation's beating heart and capital and the largest city in the continent, with eclectic architecture ranging from futuristic glass towers to charming Spanish colonial churches and open-air markets.
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