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Corniche Road

The waterfront area known as the Corniche Breakwater is a 6-mile stretch that runs from the Hilton Hotel up to Al Arabi Street, the area is filled with beaches, entertainment, and eateries. This popular neighborhood of Abu Dhabi is situated close to the Marina Shopping Mall along the Dhow Harbor. The promenade offers plenty of recreational activities for families and locals with biking and walking paths, parks and picnic spots, children`s play areas, beaches, cafes, restaurants, and shopping. The views from the Corniche are spectacular with views of the capital city and the stunning skyscrapers; this whole area covers the entire length of the northwest shore of the city and separates the harbor area from the Persian Gulf. The world`s tallest flagpole is situated in the Corniche and the Heritage Village. Here you can grab a bike from a Cyacle bike share station and explore the waterfront and its surroundings. Corniche Road lights up at dusk and is a great place to watch the sunset, the perfect place to grab dinner then head out for some drinks or a night out.


The downtown area of the capital city sits immediately east of Sheikh Rashid Street in Abu Dhabi and runs parallel to Hamden Street, these are the two main streets in the heart of the city. The downtown area consists of the Al Hosn district and stretches to the west of old Airport Road and Al Danah with notable landmarks such as the World Trade Center towers and the Abu Dhabi Mall. This is a popular neighborhood for visitors to stay in the capital city as it is the area where most hotels are located such as Emirates Palace, Jumeirah Etihad Towers, InterContinental and the Hilton. The main thoroughfare in downtown is Hamdan Street was also known as Fifth Street, a bustling area filled with restaurants, shops, bakeries and tourist attractions and accommodations. The Tourist Club Area sits on 10th street in downtown, a lively area featuring landmarks such as the Beach Rotana and the Abu Dhabi Mall. Everything is within a close distance to the downtown area of the city; the beaches, sightseeing, shopping and food with plenty of access provided by the city`s public transportation.