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Day 1 in Alexandria

Welcome to Alexandria! Upon arrival at the airport, you will go through customs and immigration. Should you opt to purchase a transfer to your hotel; a representative will be waiting for you as you exit immigration. Arrive at your hotel, check-in and do not give in to jet lag! There is so much for you to see and do!

We recommend you get acquainted with the city and take a walk around the bustling seaside city. The long wide strip known as `The Corniche` runs for 12 ½ miles along the Mediterranean waterfront of Alexandria. This area is brimming with seaside restaurants, open-air cafes, food stalls, and shops, stop in and enjoy some local cuisine at one of the eateries while taking in the wonderful views of the water.

After lunch, visit the popular souq (open-air markets) district, the perfect location to immerse yourself in the lively marketplace and shop for unique souvenirs. Several bustling bazaars are stretching through the backstreets in Alexandria, each specializing in different products; such as the Attareen Antique Market, the Anfushi Fish Market, and the Souq Ibrahimiyya.

Next visit the stunning Citadel of Qaitbay an icon of the city, this beautiful 15th-century fortress sits on the coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Built in 1477 by Sultan Qaitbay on the site of the famous Pharos Lighthouse to defend Alexandria from the advances of the Ottoman Empire. In 1952 the fortress was restored and turned into a Maritime Museum, visitors can see a warren of rooms boasting breathtaking views of the harbor and take the rewarding walk from here along the Corniche.

See the spectacular ornate Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque another iconic landmark of the city. The mosque is the most important and historic in the city, it was erected in 1775 by the Algerians and built over the tomb of the 13th century Sufi Saint Abul Abbas al-Mursi, from Murcia, Spain. Check out the octagon-shaped building with a central tower and see the intricately decorated interiors featuring Islamic mosaics, tiling, and woodwork.

Make your way to the infamous Alexandria Library, the largest library of the ancient world dating back to the 3rd Century B.C to the 4th Century A.D. when it was a place frequented by philosophers and scientists who came to seek knowledge. The new modern library sits on the Eastern Harbor, it was established in 2002, housed in a unique and iconic building which resembles a slanted, white disk-shaped, inscribed by 120 different human scripts. There are three museums, The Manuscript Museum, The Antiquities Museum, and the Science Museum along with four art galleries, a Planetarium and a massive reading room which holds 8 million books.

As evening approaches, take a stroll along the enchanting waterfront promenade (Corniche) and watch the local fishermen unloading their catch of the day, see families gathering along the shoreline to sit and watch the sunset, find a spot to take in the beautiful bustling surroundings.

There are several Egyptian and seafood restaurants situated along the Corniche where you can grab a seat, enjoy a drink and watch the sunset. Dine on some freshly caught fish and seafood while enjoying the views, Alexandria is known for its delicious seafood, offering the best fresh fish and seafood in the country. Anfushi features a warren of lanes lined by some of the city`s best seafood restaurants, this is a bustling area after sunset.

Be sure to save room for dessert!! `Gelati` is one of the best ice cream parlors in the city offering flavors such as `Azza` and `El Se`eedi`, add some honey or rice pudding to your scoop for that extra wow!

Day 2 in Alexandria

Start your morning off right with some `ful` (fava bean paste) for breakfast! The city serves up some of the best ful in all of Egypt! Fuul is served many different ways, try it in an omelet, you won’t be disappointed. The city of Alexandria is filled with period cafes where you can get a taste and glimpse of the ancient times. Delices is an old tea room dating back to 1922 with an old-world atmosphere serving up delicious tea and cakes, once served to Egypt`s royalty. A great place to stop in for breakfast!

Make your way to the ancient sites of Alexandria and visit the Roman Amphitheatre, Kom el Dikka, the Catacombs of Kom el-Shoqafa and Pompey`s Pillar.

The Catacombs of Kom el-Shoqafa is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages and dates back to the 2nd Century. The site was discovered in 1900 when a donkey fell into a pit, there is a 65 food spiral staircase which leads visitors down into the Catacombs which features dozens of chambers, sculpted pillars, statues and other religious symbols covering three levels underground.

The Roman Theatre is one of the most popular monuments in the city found on the site of the Serapeum, Alexandria`s Acropolis. The pillar features 13 semicircular tiers made of white marble which seated up to 800 spectators back in the 2nd century A.D.

Kom El Deka translates to `Mound of Rubble` is an extensive Roman theatrical, residential complex and an archeological site which was an upscale residential area during the Graeco-Roman times. The complex featured beautiful villas, bathhouses and the theatre with more sites still being uncovered.

Head for some lunch at one of the many cafes found in the city and enjoy some delicious local food and refreshments.

Take some time this afternoon to explore the magnificent museums found in the city of Alexandria. The Alexandria National Museumcan be found in the city center, housed in the renovated Al-Saad Bassili Pasha Palace, spread over three stories featuring over 1,800 archeological pieces in chronological order.

Mahmoud Said Museum is housed in a beautiful Italian style villa, which was the artist's home. The artist was once one of Egypt`s finest 20th century artists, the museum displays around 40 works of art including several statues carved into different stones such as marble, granite, limestone, and basalt.

The Royal Jewelry Museum is an art and history museum housed in the former palace of Princess Fatma Al-Zahara built in 1919. The halls in the museum are decorated by a collection of jewels and jewelry from the Muhammad Ali Pasha dynasty along with 19th-century paintings, statues, and decorative arts. The museum is one of the largest in Egypt, it opened in 1986 and is surrounded by beautiful well-manicured gardens.

If time allows, take some time to visit the spectacular Montazah Palace located along the shore of Alexandria facing the al Montazah Gulf. A beautiful palace built in 1892 featuring Ottoman and Florentine architectural styles boasting two towers and lush verdant gardens. Explore the gardens which are a tranquil spot covering 150 acres of land sitting on the low plateau east of central Alexandria overlooking the nearby beach. This is a spectacular spot to watch the sunset with access to the nearby beaches.

There are some wonderful restaurants found along the coast here, find an enchanting seat with stunning views of the bay and the sea and dine on some deliciously fresh cuisine and an enchanting atmosphere. After dinner visits the Casino Austria of Egypt also known as the El-Salamlek Palace Casino offering games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Slot Machines. The casino can be found inside the El-Salamlek Palace Hotel.

Additional Days in Alexandria

If you can spend additional days in Alexandria, take a day trip to Aboukir, a small fishing village and a great place for naval history buffs. This is where the Battle of the Nile was fought in 1798. Also in 1799, Napoleon defeated a superior Turkish force and in 1801 Sir Ralph Abercromby defeated the remnants of the French army and had them leave Egypt.

Take a day trip to Cairo and visit the highlights of the capital city including the Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo, Khan el-Khalili souk and much more.

Your Last Day in Alexandria

Depart from your hotel to the airport for your return flight home. We recommend that you purchase a private transfer to the airport if so the representative will meet you at your hotel with plenty of time to get you to the airport for your flight out.