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By Foot

There are many opportunities for walking around the city of Aqaba. This is a beautiful beachside resort town and the gateway to the Red Sea. The streets lead to hidden treasures including street-side cafes, unique boutiques, and bustling souks. Strolling along the beach promenade also known as the corniche is the perfect place to soak in the sea and spectacular surroundings, stop for ice cream and do some window shopping. The corniche leads to the Al Hafayer Park and the Arab Revolt Plaza where Aqaba Castle is found. In the heart of the old town at the southern end of Raghadan Street, there are a handful of bustling, vibrant souks selling handicrafts and spices with traditional cafes serving tea.

By Taxi

There are blue and green taxis readily available all over Aqaba, many can be found outside of the bus stations, hotels and on the main streets. There are hundreds of taxis on the street, taxis are unmetered and most rides cost around JD1-2 for a trip within the city limits and 5JD for rides outside the city and to the nearby beaches.

By Bus

The local minibusses connect the downtown area with residential areas for a low price of around JD17. There are bus stops found on King Hussein Street by the flagpole. Destinations of the buses are written on the sides (only in Arabic) and they leave when they are full, routes are fixed and they all return to the central bus station.

There are several bus stations in the city of Aqaba. Abdali bus station is located about a 20-minute walk from downtown and taxis can be found outside as well as buses. The Tabarbour bus station is situated in the northern section of the city where minibusses and taxis await passengers. The central bus station is found on King Talal Street which is 10 minutes on foot from the heart of the city.

By Boat

You can take a boat ride on a glass-bottom boat in Aqaba, it is one of the most popular pastimes and departs from the Corniche. The glass-bottom boats offer tours out on the waters through Tala Bay and into the beautiful waters of the Red Sea, many of the companies offer snorkeling and diving as part of the tour.