Hong Kong
Winter: Dec-Feb (Avg. 63°F) Generally cool for locals
Spring: Mar-May (Avg. 73°F) Warmer, more humid
Summer: Jun-Aug (Avg. >86°F) Hot, humid, unstable
Autumn: Sept-Nov (Avg. 77°F) Less humid
Hong Kong has a subtropical climate of hot humid summers and cooler drier winters.
Early spring (March through April) and late autumn (October through November) are considered good times to travel because the weather is warm with fresh breezes and clear skies. Summer (June through September) is swelteringly hot and humid with rains, and is particularly known for its typhoons. January and February are cloudy and cold but drier overall except for the occasional monsoon.
Hong Kong's peak tourist season used to be in spring and fall, but now tourists travel to Hong Kong virtually year-round, despite the weather.
Hong Kong is dedicated to year-round festivals, vibrant expressions of an ancient culture. Its biggest celebration is the Chinese New Year which falls somewhere between January and February (exact dates depend on the Lunar Calendar).
During the month of May there are four important cultural celebrations: Tin Hau Goddess of the Sea Festival, Cheung Chau Bun Festival, Buddha's Birthday and Tam Kung Deity's Birthday.
When considering festivals and holiday travel dates to Hong Kong it is important to consult the Lunar Calendar since the majority of the dates depend on the cycles of the moon.