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Xi'An is the undisputed cradle of Chinese civilization, one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals having held the seat of the most important dynasties spanning a millennium.
As a pivotal point of the famous Silk Road international trade route, it exposed China to infinite influences in political, religious, philosophical and cultural arenas. It has been said that if one has not been to Xi'An, one has simply not been to China.
Encircled by an impressively preserved ancient wall, Xi'An locals often describe places as being either "within" or "outside" the City Wall, acclaimed as one of the world's largest military defense systems. In the heart of the fortress sits Xi'An's most recognizable structure, the Bell Tower, a stately traditional building from which the East, South, West and North Streets extend. However, much of the city's heritage lies beneath the surface.
In 1974, while digging a well, farmers discovered an impressive collection of thousands of larger than life soldiers and horses made of pottery. The Terracotta Warriors depict the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China dating back to around 210 BC. The archeological dig, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a form of funerary art with the purpose of protecting the emperor in the afterlife.
A vibrant, modern city steeped in history, Xi'An is truly a gateway to ancient Chinese civilization with a wealth of treasure still waiting to be unearthed. Customize your trip to Xi'An with other exciting destinations in the region, such as Beijing, Guilin, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.