Coral Coast Overview
What To See And Do
Paradise Beach
White Water Rafting
Kula Eco Park
Arts Village
Tavuni Hill Fort
Coral Coast Railway
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Vitu Levu is Fiji's largest island with a spectacular beach known as the Coral Coast.  An exquisite coral reef runs the length of the white sands, creating a shallow shelf that suddenly drops into the deep blue of the South Pacific. 
Local villages can be found along the coast where palm trees outnumber people and the modern world seems to have passed unnoticed.  Lush tropical foliage spills onto the beach and leads the way to a rugged mountainous interior.
With its crystal clear lagoons and stunning scenery, the Coral Coast reigns as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Fiji Islands. Plenty of beach resorts offer a wonderful base for exploring the many pleasures of this tropical paradise. Consider combining your trip to the Coral Coast with other exciting destinations throughout Fiji as well as Australia and New Zealand.