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Macau (sometimes spelled Macao) is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong. The densely populated peninsula is known as Asia's largest gambling destination, surpassing Las Vegas when it comes to revenue intake. The majority of Macau's grand casinos are found along the waterfront with exceptional restaurants and views of unspoiled beaches, and yet there is more to Macau than gaming houses.
Although Macau's history can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty (circa 220 BC), it developed as a major settlement and trading port during the 16th century with the arrival of the Portuguese. It remained a Portuguese colony until 1999 and therefore retains much of its distinct European heritage.
One of Macau's most famous landmarks is the intricately carved stone façade of St. Paul's Cathedral. The carvings, which include Jesuit images with Oriental themes, are all that remains of what was once considered Asia's largest Catholic church. Another celebrated attraction is Macau's A-Ma Temple built in 1488 and dedicated to Matsu, the goddess of fishermen. The well-ordered complex is an exemplary representation of Chinese culture inspired by Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and numerous folk beliefs.
Senado Square is Macau's urban center paved with cobblestone streets surrounded by pastel colored neo-classical buildings. It is an ideal place to wander and explore shops and taste the flavorful Macanese fusion cuisine of southern Chinese and Portuguese influences.
Macau can be a perfect daytrip from Hong Kong, but do consider combining your trip with other exciting destinations in the area such as Bali, Hanoi and Bangkok.