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Malaysia, partly situated on a peninsula of the Southeast Asian mainland, is a combination of a modern world and a developing nation with investments in high technology and oil. Kuala Lumpur is the country's capital and largest city, the seat of the parliament and the site of the official residence of the Malaysian King.  It is the cultural, financial and economic center of Malaysia with much to see and do.
Kuala Lumpur, frequently known simply as KL, is celebrated for its significant cultural diversity.  Chinese, Indian, British and ethnic Malaysian communities have each left indelible marks on the capital city which was once virtually a virgin jungle. Amidst space-age towers, shopping malls and skyscrapers one finds historic temples and mosques.
The Petronas Twin Towers are an iconic landmark of Kuala Lumpur, a symbol of national pride.  Visible from just about everywhere in the city, the 88-story giants connected by a sky-bridge, are a city in the heavens with over 10,000 inhabitants and numerous shops and restaurants.
The Batu Caves, located approximately 8 miles from the city center, is one of the most popular sites of Kuala Lumpur.  The limestone hill, which has a series of caverns and grotto temples, is believed to be around 400 million years old.  The main cave, known as Cathedral Cave, has very high ceilings, and features ornate Hindu shrines. Dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Murugan, it is the focal point of an annual festival that attracts over 1.5 million pilgrims, making it one of the largest gatherings in history.
Kuala Lumpur is steeped in old-world charm and new-world sophistication.  The capital city has an irresistible, multi-layered appeal.  Consider combining your visit to KL with other Malaysian cities such as Langkawi and Penang.  Customize your trip with other exciting destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, and Japan.