Chiang Rai: Chiang Rai, once the capital of Thailand's ancient Lanna Kingdom ("Land of a Million Rice Fields") dates back to the 13th century AD and provides some of the most awe-inspiring travel attractions. This northern province is a land of towering mountains and valleys rich in history and cultural heritage.
Chiang Rai is considered the cross-road of the famous Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. Sop Ruak, as it is known to the locals, is the official town-center of the Golden Triangle, at the confluence of Nam Ruak and the Mekong River, the major river that cuts through the rugged mountainous topography of the region.  The mountains are home to various unspoiled hill-tribes which have migrated from South China, Tibet and Burma. 
Doi Tung is the glorious mountain-top destination of forests and nearby tribal villages.  Mae Sai is the busy market town ideal for gem lovers and shopping enthusiasts.  Chiang Saen is located on the bank of the Mekong River and includes ancient ruins of earthen city walls and temples.  Mae Salong, the village of Santikhiri is known for its fascinating hill tribes, cherry blossoms and tea plantations along with open air bazaars, temples and a grandiose mountain panorama.
Chiang Rai offers remarkable scenery, exotic tribal communities and truly unforgettable travel opportunities, which can easily be combined with nearby destinations such as laid-back Laos and historical Cambodia.
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