Alice Springs: The town is named after Alice Todd, the wife of Charles Todd. In 1865, the two of them came to Australia to set up the first telegraph line. Because of its central location and its nearby red-colored rock-formations and the red-sand desert area, the town is also called the Red Centre. The town itself has some interesting sights to explore, such as: the botanical garden and the Spencer and Gillen museum. Alice Springs is a central hub for exploration of  the outback with its camel farms, the famous Ayers Rock (Uluru - its original Aboriginal name) and incredible nature parks.
Accommodations in Alice Springs range from comfortable to rustic, and most are designed to accentuate the magnificent surrounding area. Whether you are here as part of an outback excursion in the Northern Territory or en route to Adelaide in the south or the Great Barrier Reef to the east Alice Springs can be a great piece of your vacation puzzle, and is a must for outback enthusiasts. Click here for a full range of flexible itineraries that can be customized to reflect your personal preferences, and interests.
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