Beijing is one of the planet's most popular destinations. China's political, economic, historic and educational center depicts an ancient past fused with exciting modern development. Beijing is home to some of the most famous sites, temples and finest remnants of China's imperial legacy. The massive metropolis offers superb and unparalleled examples of Chinese architecture.
The grand Forbidden City, officially known as the Imperial Palace, sprawls over an area of 180 acres and with almost 10,000 rooms is the largest and best preserved complex in the world. The enormous Tiananmen Square is the beating heart of modern China, covering an area of 440,000 square meters that allows a million people to gather. The Great Wall is the soul of China and Badaling is the best-preserved section and representation of this tremendous structure. The Temple of Heaven, considered a sacred site, was a sacrificial compound for emperors with altars dedicated to heaven, earth, sun and moon. Summer and winter palaces along with majestic mausoleums all form part of Beijing's invaluable cultural heritage that impress millions of visitors each year.