Thailand can be enjoyed year-round and features a warm tropical climate with three distinct seasons, hot, cool and wet. The hot summer season runs from March through June when temperatures soar into the high 90`s with high humidity, and the hottest months are April and May. In Phuket, the weather is hot and humid year round, with the hottest months being March through May. November and April are the most popular times to visit the island with a high number of travelers seeking the tropical temperatures.

The country is prone to monsoons from July to October with the heaviest rainfall taking place from August to September when flash flooding is most common. The cooler winter months are from November to February which is the most pleasant time of year to visit the country. During these months temperatures hover in the mid 80`s during the day and low 70`s at night with less frequent rain.

December and January are very popular times to visit Thailand with numerous holiday festivities people flock to this area and airline tickets and hotel prices are at their highest. The northern areas of the country such as Chiang Mai experience much colder temperatures during the winter due to their location in the mountains where frost is sometimes present. Chiang Mai`s rainy season is from May to October with warm weather and high humidity. October and November are a spectacular time to visit Chiang Mai when the hills and mountains are bright green after the rainy season.