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New Zealand
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The climate in New Zealand can vary widely from region to region, and your personal preferences may determine the best time to visit certain destiantions in this uniquely diverse country, but wherever you go here there will be a great deal of sunshine, with over 2,000 hours per year in most places. Air pollution is relatively low making the UV rays quite strong, so be sure to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats particularly in the heat of the day.
While summer is warmer and sunnier than the other seasons, most regions here have a relatively high proportion of sunlight even during the winter months. New Zealand's average rainfall is also pretty high, at about 35-50 inches per year spread pretty evenly from month to month. These conditions have produced stunning areas of native forest, and ideal farming condition.
New Zealand's summer (December- February), brings high temperatures and lots of sunshine. Days are long, and nights are mild. Summer is an excellent time for walking in the bush, on one of the gorgeous beaches or a variety of other outdoor activities.
March to May is Autumn in New Zealand, and though temperatures are a little cooler than summer, the weather can be excellent, and it is still possible to swim in some places until April.
June to August is winter and much of New Zealand does get cold, but is still quite temeperate except in the mountain regions where snow covered peaks on both islands provide beautiful vistas and excellent skiing.
While the South Island is cooler, some areas experience little rain or snowfall in winter, making it an excellent time to visit the spectacular glaciers, alpine mountains, and other areas of spectacular scenic beauty.
Spring is from September to November, and this is when the buds, blossoms, and other new growth bursts forth throughout the country. If you're into white water rafting, this is when the water levels are at their highest, and the rivers are most exciting and challenging!

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