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Kentucky Bourbon Route Middle, KY: Point of Interest Map
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Kentucky Bourbon Route Middle, KY Vacation Packages

The middle area of the Kentucky Bourbon Route is a combination of large and small distilleries, and small batch and craft distilleries, some that were established in the last ten years and others that were started in the last century. You`ll also get to enjoy some fantastic small towns, kind people, enthusiastic bourbon drinkers, fun bars, speakeasys and a fabulous food scene. At each distillery, you get to taste some of the finest bourbons and learn all about the distilling process, as each distillery does things a bit differently.

Best Kentucky Bourbon Route Middle, KY Vacation Packages:

KY Bourbon Route (Middle)

Kentucky Bourbon Route Middle, KY

Hotels and Activities

Cities in Kentucky

More to Explore

  • North Kentucky Bourbon Trail

    Northern Kentucky, or as locals call it, NKY, has played an important role in the movement and production of whiskey and bourbon throughout the country`s history. The North is a great place to start your Kentucky Bourbon Route with many distilleries within an easy drive of each other. Explore the booming craft distillery scene, shop at Newport on the Levee, and enjoy delicious cuisine and cocktails at any of the top-notch establishments in the area.

  • South Kentucky Bourbon Trail

    Anchored by staples of the industry Paducah (known also for its crafts and folk arts) and Bowling Green (offering visitors multiple outdoor sports and recreation as well as its thrilling car races and festivals), this area also includes smaller towns like Hopkinsville, Pembroke, and Franklin to explore authentic southern hospitality and sample the best bourbons.

SUGGESTED Kentucky Bourbon Route Middle, KY VACATION PACKAGES:

  • Louisville and Nashville (Self Drive)
    More details
  • Self-drive packages in Kentucky and Tennessee are a popular option for more experienced travelers, those looking to get off the beaten path and take their own time. Combine Louisville (Kentucky's largest city, sits on the Ohio River along the Indiana border, known for the Kentucky Derby, a renowned horse race) and Nashville (Legendary country music venues include the Grand Ole Opry House, home of the famous `Grand Ole Opry` stage and radio show). This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.
    • Flight into Louisville and out of Nashville Airport
    • Rental Car for 7 days
    • Hotel for 3 nights in Louisville
    • Hotel for 3 nights in Nashville
    • Driving Time
      Louisville - Nashville: 2 hrs 36 min approx..

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