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National Parks Of The Usa: Point of Interest Map
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National Parks Of The Usa

The United States boasts 62 protected National Parks spread throughout 29 states covering approximately 52.2 million acres of land. California features the most national parks with a total of 9 spread throughout the Golden State. Yellowstone was the first to be designated as a National Park, Yosemite National Park is known for its sweeping verdant forest-covered valleys and unique rock formations, and Arches National Park features over 2,000 sandstone arches spread throughout the arid desert. To be classed as a National Park these natural areas must provide an outstanding region of beauty, an unusual ecosystem, or a plethora of recreational activities.

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National Parks

More to Explore

  • California

    Out-of-this-world scenery, iconic landscapes and enthralling wilderness entice visitors from all over the globe to delve into the beautiful and diverse Californian National Parks. Scenic routes are one of the best ways to explore California`s backroads and stunning parks, including Yosemite Valley`s granite spires, Death Valley`s towering sand dunes, and Sequoia`s enormous trees.

  • Southwest

    The Southwest National Parks makes for one of the most iconic US road trip destinations. Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, and Route 66 (think Thelma and Louise) these are some of the highlights of the southwest USA. Get ready to hit the road for miles and miles of amazing adventures.

  • Rocky Mountains

    Exploring the stunning 3,000 mile stretch of the stunning Rocky Mountains National Parks is a serene experience! Wander in solitude and gaze in awe of these majestic mountains and the spectacular scenic surroundings through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and down to New Mexico.


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