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The picturesque country of Slovakia in Central Europe boasts picture-perfect castles and stunning mountain ranges. The best time to visit the country is said to be from May to the end of October when the weather is the warmest giving visitors the advantage to see the multiple natural attractions. The climate in Slovakia is continental featuring short, hot summers and cold winters, the hottest months are July and August, and springtime offers pleasant, mild weather. Springtime is beautiful with blooming flowers covering the countryside, autumn brings the beautiful bright bursts of fall colors, and wintertime can be attractive in Bratislava when it is covered with snow.

There is a large variance between summer and winter in Slovakia, especially in the mountainous areas, which may seem like a completely different location at different times of the year. In the summer the mountains are filled with roaring rivers, sparkling lakes, warm weather, and outdoor festivals. The winter brings a winter wonderland filled with snow, ski resorts, ice skating, Christmas markets, and mulled wine.