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In an effort to preserve endangered UNESCO World Heritage sites and ruins, Italy's Cinque Terre is now limiting the number of allowable visitors to a maximum of 1.5 million people. Pedometers have been installed on the trails to calculate the number of people who pass through daily; once it reaches 1.5 million, access to the area will be closed.
It is advised that tickets will be sold in advance online; however it is unclear how far in advance tickets can be purchased, how many tickets will be sold before weather and traffic conditions are known, or even what ticket prices will be. An app is also in development that will give tourists updates on traffic and congested areas. Officials are also hoping to create a tourist-only train system for those who have purchased tickets.
At this time, we strongly recommend that you purchase any necessary tickets and passes immediately upon arrival to the area!

Where to Buy a Cinque Terre Card:

Information Center by the train station in each of the five villages
Information Center at La Spezia Train Station
Piazza Garibaldi in Monterosso
Information Center in the Lavaccio parking area by Riomaggiore

What's Included with the Cinque Terre Card:

- Use of all pedestrian paths, hiking trails, nature observation points, and picnic areas in the park, except those that may be closed for maintenance.
- Entrance to the History Museum in Riomaggiore, Museum of the Sciacchetra (sweet wine) in Manarola, the anchovy salting center in Monterosso, the old olive oil mill in Groppo.
- Use of public lifts and the environmentally-friendly buses that run from each village to points above it.
- One hour free mountain bike rental on higher routes, as available.
- Discounts on purchases at park`s Information Points.

These prices are for guidance only and subject to change.
Here are some of the cards available:
One Day Card, weekdays: 5 euro or 3.50 for under age 18 or over age 70
One Day Card, Sundays and Holidays: 7 euro
Two Day Card, weekdays: 9 euro
Weekend Card: 12 euro
Family Card: 15 euro (2 adults and 2 under age 18)
Important: As soon as you buy your card, write your name on the card.

Cinque Terre Train Card:

If you plan to travel amongst the five villages by train, you can buy a card that includes train travel. In addition to the services listed with the regular card, the Cinque Terre train card includes second class travel on regional trains to/from La Spezia, Levanto, and the five villages. There are the Cinque Terre Tourist Offices on all railway stations. So it is possible to buy the Cinque Terre CARD and get a list of trains. Trains run about every 40-60 minutes and reach the next town through tunnels in 1-2 minutes.

It is a combo hiking pass/transportation pass covering the park hiking fee, local trains (from Levanto to La Spezia, including all Cinque Terre towns), and shuttle buses (2/hr, connecting each Cinque Terre town with distant parking lots and various points in the hills).

Prices for guidance only and subject to change:

One day, adults: 10 euro
Two day, adults: 19 euro
Children under 12: 6 euro
Over age 70: 8 euro
Family Card (2 adults and 2 under 12): 26 euro

Note: Be sure to validate the card in the yellow machine at the station before getting on the train and write your name on your card. The card is then valid until midnight of the expiration day.

Note: If you hike, ride a train and take advantage of a shuttle bus (very important in Corniglia to reach the town from the train station) in a day, the pass pays for itself (includes also the ride on the elevator, which is outside the train station in Riomaggiore).

Cinque Terre Card Train and Boat:

A combo hiking pass/train and boats ticket costs around 20 euros and it is valid only for one day. With this card you have unlimited access to hiking paths, trains between Levanto and La Spezia and boats between Monterosso and Riomaggiore.

This card is available only between Easter and end of October.

If you choose not to by a pass, you can also purchase point to point tickets between each town, as a reference, a one way train ticket from Monterosso to Riomaggiore costs around 1.50 euros.