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The downtown neighborhood of Christchurch is set in the heart of the city center, where iconic landmarks such as Cathedral Square, and the now earthquake damaged Anglican Christ Church Cathedral can be found. The area around the square is defined by the Four Avenues of Christchurch; Bealey, Fitzgerald, Moorhouse and Deans Avenues which are considered the central business district. Colombo and Worcester Streets are the two major central crossing streets, that intersect at the square. Cathedral Square is a bustling area, offering daily markets, street food, coffee carts, restaurants, and pubs as well as shopping opportunities such as the unique Re: START mall which is a vibrant area made up of colorful shipping containers that have been converted into stores. The Cultural Precinct area can be found in the downtown neighborhood, this art and cultural area where the Arts Center, the Canterbury Museum, and the Art Gallery are situated.

The geographical center of Christchurch is laid out in a grid-like pattern with flat terrain making it easy to get around by foot or bicycle with the serene Avon River meanders through the area. Downtown is the perfect destination to stroll around with many attractions within walking distance from the hotels located here. Christchurch is known as the `Garden City` filled with stunning gardens and parks such as the Botanic Gardens and Hagley Park and views of the stunning Southern Alps. The iconic Christchurch Tram runs a circular loop around the city center.