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June - August - (Summer)

The country of Albanian is bathed in sunshine from June to August making it a brilliant time to visit the country for warm wonderful weather. The Albanian Riviera and the coastal towns are popular destinations during the summer with their beautiful beaches and pristine waters. The summer is also peak season when most of the tourists flock to the country for its summer temperatures, hotels, beaches, restaurants, and attractions, which can be quite busy during these months. Prices also go up and accommodations may be sold out quickly, booking a few months in advance is highly recommended.

July and August are the hottest months of the year, and popular months in coastal towns such as Saranda, and Durres, which are packed during this time. These months are also a pleasant time for visiting the mountains to explore the great outdoors, temperatures are a little cooler inland. Theth is nestled high in the Albanian Alps, a spectacular region for hiking and exploring the peaks of Thethi and Boga as well as the stunning Grunas Waterfall.

Events and Festivals

-Fustanella Festival - Mid-July - Gjirokaster is a charming town decorated with Ottoman houses and the festival takes place here.

-Za Fest - August - Music festival featuring some of the country’s best songwriters.