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Spring and Autumn

Spring (March and April) and autumn (October and November) are warmer months, mostly dry, and pleasant. On average, the temperatures range from 80°F to 88°F (in April). Nights are still cool enough to be comfortable. The water temperatures are at a beautiful mid-70’s during this time. All kinds of seaside activities are available.

Autumn (October and November) is when temperatures start to cool down from the summer with cooler days in the low 90’s and nights fall down to low 80’s. November brings even cooler temps, with daily temperatures ranging from 79-84 °F and nights dropping to around 61-68°F.

Events and Festivals

- Aspire International Kite Festival: The skies over Aspire Park in Doha come alive with colorful kites every March in the city's annual kite festival. This event also brings activities during the 3 days of festivities including competitions, parades and cultural performances.

- Katara Traditional Dhow Festival: Dhow boats have taken sailors around the Arabian seas and beyond for centuries, and each year Qatar celebrates this fantastic sailing vessel in its Traditional Dhow Festival at Katara Cultural Village in Doha. They festival typically takes place in December.

- Qatar International Food Festival: This annual event is held annually in March or April, which brings foodies and hungrey visitors alike to sample fabulous cuisine by chefs from around the world. Among the events are live cooking shows by acclaimed chefs, healthy food workshops, farmer's markets and farm-to-table experiences.

- Qatar Masters Golf Tournament: This prestigious golf tournament hosted by the Doha golf club since 1998, is one of the three European tour golf tournaments which are staged in Middle East. The tournament takes place annually in March.

- Ajyal Film Festival: This festival is a week-long event in late November celebrating the motion arts. Filmmakers, musicians and artists from around the world join the festival which is held at Katara Cultural Village in Doha