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September - November (Autumn)

September is still very hot, although temperatures are not quite as high as between June and August. Costs remain lower than they are over the winter months. This is still within the peak turtle viewing time at Ras al Jinz, one of the most exceptional opportunities to witness one of the amazing natural experiences of a rare sea creature.

Travel in October and November is much more pleasant and enjoyable than over the summer months, with temperatures in the mid 80°Fs. November in particular is an ideal month to visit, although the lower temperatures do make the country fairly busy. November also brings the biggest national celebrations in the country. This is the month in which the Sultan Qaboos was born. Each year on November 18th, the whole country gets decorated and festivities take place to celebrate.

Events and Festivals

-Autumn Harvest (September and October) - The autumn harvest reaps pomegranates, walnuts, olives and grapes.

-November 18th - National Day when the entire country decorates and festivities take place to celebrate