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Winter (December - February)

Estonian Winters are cold, and even extreme in certain regions of the country. Weather in coastal areas is relatively better. The western half of the country lies under the influence of the Baltic sea, making this part of the country slightly colder. The average temperature in the coldest month (January) is in the mid 20's F in the daytime and gets down to the teens at night. Snow starts to fall around the middle of December and remains to mid-March. Daylight hours decrease to only about 6 hours per day.

Winter is the time to go cross-country skiing, seeing frozen waterfalls, and getting lost in the Tallin Christmas Market.

Events and Festivals

- December 25 - Christmas

- January 1 - New Year

- January 3 - Memorial Day of the Fighters of the War of Independence in Estonia

- January 6 - The Epiphany

- February 2 - Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty and Candles Day

- February 13 - Shrovetide

- Christmas Market (Mercado de Navidad en Tallin) - Mid-November - January

- Skiing, Snowboarding and Cross-Country Skiing - January - March