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Summer - (June - August)

Summer in Estonia is very mild with average temperatures during the day only reaching up to the 70's. Occasionally temperatures may reach up to 80F, but it is rather uncommon. Since Estonia is located in northern latitudes July brings White Nights. The amount of daylight hours is reaching 19 so visitors are able to observe natural phenomena of remarkable beauty. Summer is the perfect time to see the wildflowers in forests and explore the beautiful Estonian bogs. It is also the prime time for outdoor celebrations, get out in nature, watch seals and flying squirrels, go canoeing and kayaking or relax in a floating sauna.

Events and Festivals

- June 4 - National Flag Day

- June 14 - day of Mourning and Commemoration for victims of Soviet deporations

- June 23 - Victory Day

- June 24 - Jaanipäev or Midsummer

- July 4-6 - Massive Song and Dance Delebration (Laulupidu)

- August 20 - Estonian restoration of Independence Day

- August 23 - European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

- May - July - White Nights - Experience the "white nights" full of exciting ways to spend time