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Although you will seldom see a parking meter in Germany and much of Europe, that doesn't mean you don't have to pay for parking!

When parking in an urban area (business or residential) in Germany, always look for a sign that says 'Parkscheine' ('Parking tickets') and the machine that dispenses them. Never just assume that parking is free. You insert coins to pay for the amount of parking time you want, and then place your ticket on the car's dashboard in plain sight.

You can pay for your parking time with either coins or an EC card (but not a credit card!).

Parking Payment App
Some German cities, including Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and others, now offer the EasyPark or Pango smartphone app that allows you to pay for parking using your mobile phone (Android or iPhone). The parking fee is charged to your phone account! The app even sends you a warning 15 minutes before your parking time expires!