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Driver & Guide

Two tour guides are normally assigned to each group, a driver and a guide. Your guide will be the most informed person on the tour subject and spend most of the time talking with everyone about related subjects regarding the area being visited. A tour featuring a separate guide will be more structured with the guide walking around with you and providing information about the area you are visiting.


These smaller tours tend to be for a smaller group of people where the guide serves as both your driver and your guide. Their responsibility is the car; they will drop you off at a spot and set up a place to meet you after parking the vehicle. The knowledge and information provided on these tours can vary greatly. Some driver/guides will have the entire tour planned out with local music to play and other driver/guides will talk in general about the area and answer your questions. Other driver/guides may provide very little information and focus more on giving little tidbits of information about what is coming up next and pointing out highlights on special places to stop at by yourself.

Local Guide

A local guide does not travel around to different cities, they normally meet you at the set meeting point and lead the tour providing information on the area you are visiting. Some of these local guides may be booked in conjunction with a tour to a specific place (city/attraction). Normally they will meet you at the point where the bus drops you off, they will lead the tour taking you to visit the attraction and then lead you back to your form of transportation. These guides may work in conjunction with a specific attraction; they may also be city guides with a contract with the tour company you booked with.

Special Guides

Many tour guides specialize in the type of tour you are taking. For example: Historian, Art, Gourmet.