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Room Type and Room Category

Hotel rooms are categorized and priced according to the number of occupants, number and type of beds, and the amenities that they offer, decor, specific features, room size and even views from the hotel and their rates vary accordingly.

Guest Rooms are assigned morning of the arrival of the guest by the front desk agent who blocks the room according to the room category purchased and at that time, tries to accommodate any specific room requests, such as adjoining rooms, non-smoking rooms, etc.

Room Type
Indicates the number of occupants and bedding in the room:

Single: A room assigned to one person. Maybe smaller than other rooms

Double: A room assigned to two people. May have a double bed or 2 twins pulled together

Twin: A room with two twin beds. May be occupied by one or more people.

Triple: A room assigned to three people. May have two or more beds, or a rollaway

Quad: A room assigned to four people. May have two or more beds.

King: A room with a king sized bed. May be occupied by one or more people.

Room Category - based on room size, location and amenities.

Standard Room, Classic or Economy Room
The standard designation denotes the most basic type of room offered by the hotel. Standard rooms typically offer the facility`s basic room with few luxuries and a street or parking lot view. Standard rooms vary considerably from hotel to hotel, and hotels known for upscale service likely offer standard rooms with more features than hotels that cater to budget travelers. In addition, some hotels may label a typical room as standard and offer a lower class of rooms under the designation of economy.

The standard room has the basic amenities, usually a television, telephone, closet and private bathroom. Other offerings in the standard room depend on the hotel. For example, two-star hotels may offer little more than the basics. A five-star hotel`s standard room may have a Jacuzzi tub, flat-screen television, honor bar and designer interior decorating.

Superior Room:
This category is always subject to interpretation. It`s supposed to mean superior to a standard room in both size and furnishings, but sometimes it refers to just the view. Some hotels have only Superior rooms; the categories then are defined by the view and location of the room.

Deluxe Room, Executive Room:
A step above standard, moderate and superior rooms, deluxe accommodations combine a desirable view with a number of luxurious amenities. Deluxe rooms surpass lesser accommodations in size, furniture, view, location or any combination thereof.

Run of House:
This can mean anything the hotel wants it to mean, but typically the interpretation should be `standard room or better at time of check in; any location within the hotel.` With the exception of upgrades to suites or junior suites, this category often does not distinguish between Standard, Superior or Deluxe. It does NOT mean, however, best room available at time of check-in.

Junior Suite:
A junior suite is typically a larger room with a separate seating area. Sometimes it`s got a small divider between the part of the room that the bed is in and the seating area, but it is not two separate rooms. Not quite a full suite, the junior suite gives travelers an opportunity to relax in a designated area of the room or work at an in-room desk. If the hotel also offers a kitchenette in the room, the designation may change to studio.

A Suite is usually two or more rooms clearly defined; a bedroom and a living or sitting room, with a door that closes between them. Many hotels use the word `suite` to define any room with a sofa in it so be sure to check thoroughly if what you really want are the two or more separate rooms. Suites are used by business people and families looking to stay in the hotel. The best type of suite is the executive or presidential suite. They are very spacious with the best views and amenities that that hotel has to offer. In many hotels, the presidential suite is on the top floor or penthouse. This suite is the most expensive room in the hotel. Standard suites are more expensive than a standard room of course but may cost only slightly more than the triple or family rooms.

Triple or Family Rooms:
A few hotels built to accommodate families will offer larger rooms with three or more beds. A triple room has three beds. Family rooms offer sitting areas that double as a sleeping space when the couch lets out into a bed. Triple or family rooms are more commonly found as suites than as one large room with several beds in it. It may be more practical to simply upgrade to a suite rather than take a triple room in a hotel that is not tailored toward families.

In addition to describing the arrangement of beds and furniture, a hotel room classification may denote the view. Hotels often market rooms designated with an ocean view, mountain view, or city view. Depending on location, the hotel may also offer additional designations that include garden view, pool view, beach front and water view.