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Air Conditioning
Americans are used to air conditioning 24/7, everywhere and anywhere. Other areas of the world, especially Europe are not as used to air conditioning as we are. Also remember, that many of the hotels in Europe are built on historical buildings way before the a/c was discovered! So it is very important to pay attention to the `Facilities` section on the description of our hotels.

There are 3 fields to help in making your hotel selection.

Under Facilities:
Air Conditioning
The common areas of the hotel are air conditioned.

Under Room Facilities:
Air Conditioning (centrally regulated)
The temperature in your room is regulated for the whole building. This means that you cannot adjust the temperature in your unit yourself. And also that it may be only turned on during certain periods of the year - normally from June to September.

Air conditioning (individually regulated)
The temperature in your room is regulated in your room by you! This is the best option possible for you to be completely responsible for the level of cool or heat that you are accustomed to. But do keep in mind, that units in Europe may not be as effective as they are in the USA.

Internet Access
Internet access in hotels is fast becoming a standard amenity. Most hotels today offer free WiFi with a password provided by the front desk. But there are still some hotels who only offer internet access at a computer in the lobby, or will only offer access with a fee. If having access to WiFi is a mandatory need for you, be sure to pay attention to the Facilities section and look for the following. Please keep in mind that the structure and age of the building can sometimes affect the quality of the WiFi connection, so certain areas of the hotel may be spotty.

Under Facilities:
WLAN access - WiFi is available at hotel
WiFi - WiFi is available at hotel

Under Room Facilities:
Internet access - Internet is available, most probably through WiFi Internet Connection - This may be a physical internet connection only.

Car Parking
If you are going to be renting a car in order to get around the countryside, seeing if there is parking at your hotel is very important.

Under Facilities:
Car Park - denotes that the hotel offers parking. Please note that this does not mean that parking will be free. In most cases, be ready to pay for parking fees. Also, some hotels may have parking available, but not on the hotel grounds, but in a separate area close by.


Our hotel prices include all hotel taxes and service charges as mandated by law. Unfortunately, certain fees and taxes are now imposed directly by City Ordinances and certain resorts which can only be paid at check out.

City Taxes:
More and more cities are now adding compulsory city taxes which are required to be paid by the GUESTS on top of pre-paid rates on all booked hotel accommodation. These taxes vary by the category of the hotel booked and the number of nights you will be staying at the property.

Please look at your voucher, the taxes to pay at check out are indicated in the voucher comments.

Resort/Maintenance Fees:
Many resorts in popular beach areas are now also charging guest directly for Resort/Maintenance fees and cleaning fees. Unfortunately, those cannot be included in our pre-paid rates and need to be paid at check out directly to the hotel.

Please look at your voucher, the fees will be detailed in our voucher comments.