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It is of utmost importance that you check in for each leg of your trip 24 hours before departure. You can do that by accessing the airline`s website. While on the site, you can verify your flight itinerary and times, check your seats, or even upgrade to more comfortable seats in the front of the aircraft. You can also submit your passport information, provide emergency contact information, and sign up for automatic alerts from the airline. Be sure to print your boarding passes!

Remember, the earliest you can check in for your flight is 24 hours before its departure. You can visit the airline website anytime after your tickets are issued to manage your booking, check on your seats, and so on.

You can access your Airline Reservation code by going to Once there, enter your Tripmasters Booking number and the email address that was used when booking your reservation. This is only accessible once the reservation is paid in full.

Should you have decided on staggered payments, or are having difficulty locating this reservation code, please email us requesting the code to and we will reply to you shortly.

What to Do

Locate your airline reference code on your airline voucher. Note: This will differ by operating carrier.

Visit the website of the airline you are flying on (operating carrier). There should be a tab that says either `Manage Reservation,` `My Trips,` or `My Trips/Check-In`. Each airline will have a different name for this tab, but it should be easy to locate. Click on the tab applicable to you.

Type in your airline reference code and your name. Look for a confirmation screen. You should see your flight information, including the number of travelers, departure and arrival times and cities. Look at the additional information that comes after your flight status. Check the options for ordering meals, checking luggage and choosing your seats.

You can also check luggage requirements and pay (if required) for them in advance. Keep in mind that checked and carry-on luggage is often more expensive in the 24 hours leading up to the flight than in the days and weeks before. Make sure to pay all baggage fees well in advance.