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September - October

Along with Spring, Fall is considered a `shoulder season` and one of the best times to visit France. Temperatures are still warm but not too hot, fewer crowds, and families have returned to school. The city experiences highs in the upper 60s F during September then dips down to the lower 60s F typically during October, with lows between the 40s to low 50s. These temps are perfect conditions for exploring both the cities and the countryside. The crowds have left, lines to attractions are shorter, and this is when the beautiful foliage is at its peak.

Events and Festivals

- Paris Fashion Week, held twice a year in spring and autumn (September)

- Nuit Blanch or White Night - All-night art Festival (October)

- Mid-Autumn Festival (September - October)

- Prix de l`Arc de Triomphe (October)

- Armistice Day (November)