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April - June

This is the time to go if you are looking for pleasant temperatures (between 57 ° - 70°F), but the weather can be variable. Spring is when the parks are coming alive with blossoms and the first sidewalk tables make an appearance. The entire country typically experiences warm sunshine, with pleasant afternoons through the season. Spring is considered to be a shoulder season, so the crowds are far less, and because this is not peak time to visit, you`ll find more attractive hotels and airfare prices. This is also a great time to visit Wallonia and Ardennes, after being closed for winter, you will be the first to arrive while it is still fresh. There are also a number of festivals that take place in the spring time as well, adding a great energy to the ambiance.

Events and Festivals

- Zythos Beer Festival in Leuven (April)

- Cavalcade of Herve (April)

- Procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges (May)

- Belgian Pride (May)

- Brussels Film Festival (June)

- Jazz Marathon (May)