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July - August

Belgium`s climate is generally moderate, with few extremes in temperature and this goes for the summer months as well. The weather is warm in July and August (averaging around 75° in Brussels), but the heat is not overbearing. These are the best months for soaking up the sun at the sidewalk cafes, dining at the outdoor restaurants, and swimming and sunbathing along the coast. This is a peak travel time in the country, due to holidays in the rest of Europe, America, and UK, so expect for lots of crowds throughout the country. This is a great time of year to take advantage of all the outdoor festivities that take place.

Events and Festivals

- Ghent Festival (July)

- Tomorrowland Music Festival (July)

- Independence Day (July)

- Brussels Summer Festival (August)

- Brussels Flower Carpet (August)

- Dinant International Bathtub Regatta (August)

- Ath Parade of the Giants (August)