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June - August

Most people travel during the summer season, which can be the best time to visit as bus, ferry and train connections are at their most frequent. This time of year offers a number of open-air events and outdoor attractions along with the warmest weather. This is a great time to travel if you don`t mind some crowds here and there. This is also the time of the midnight sun: the further north you go, the longer the day becomes, until at Nordkapp the sun is continually visible from mid-May to the end of July. The average temperatures in the summer range from 57° to 65°F, but keep in mind the weather is variable and unpredictable, and depends greatly on what region you are in. The Atlantic Gulf Stream keeps the western Fjord area and the coast up into the Arctic North much warmer than you might expect. The west coast receives the most rain in the summer, but the area farther east is drier. The warmest and most reliable weather is on the eastern side of the southern mountains.

Events and Festivals

- Norwegian Wood (June)

- Faerder Sailing Race (June)

- North Cape March (June)

- Emigration Festival, Stavanger (June)

- Extreme Sports Week (June)

- Midnight Sun Marathon (June)

- Midsummer Night, nationwide (June 23)

- Kongsberg International Jazz Festival (July)

- Exxon Mobil Bislett Games, Oslo (July)

- Olsokdagene (July)

- Rauma Rock (July)

- Oslo Jazz Festival (August)

- Norwegian International Film Festival (August)

- Telemark International Folk Music Festival, Bo (August)

- Peer Gynt Festival, Vinstra (August)

- Chamber Music Festival, Oslo (August)