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April - May

Spring in Iceland are the months of April and May when the snow is generally thawing in the mountains and the highlands, although you still may see a snowfall from time to time. This is the time of year when the birds, such as the popular puffin, start to appear.

Springtime weather can bring anything from snow, sleet and rain to bright sunny days with a temperature average between 32°F to 50°F. Springtime can be wet in the south part of the country but drier and cooler towards the north. The colors of nature start to come out and spring flowers can be seen poking through gardens and trees. This is an excellent time to visit the country because the weather is fairly mild and you still may have a chance to catch the Northern Lights. It is also before high season so there will be fewer tourists and prices are still lower. You will also find it easier to get accommodations and tours.

Events and Festivals

- Art Festival, Reykjavik (May - June)

- Independence Day (May)