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November - March

The winter months in Iceland can be a spectacular time to visit. If you can endure little sunlight (about five hours a day) and cold temperatures, there is plenty here to do. The winter brings never-ending nightlife in Reykjavik, the viewing of the beautiful Northern Lights and plenty of outdoor snow activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. This is also the time when you can enjoy much lower hotel rates and flight prices, great for any budget traveler!

February or March are the best months of winter because this is when you will have more daylight than earlier in the winter months. Orcas visit the Iceland coast in February and March as well; specialist companies run boat tours and wildlife photography excursions to make the most of this thrilling display.

Events and Festivals

- Iceland Airwaves (November)

- Food and Fun Festival (February or March)

- Sónar Reykjavík (February)

- I Never Went South or 'Aldrei fór ég suður' Rock Concert (March/April)