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April - June (spring)

The springtime is a beautiful time to visit Switzerland for a number of reasons. The snowfall has started to melt making it at bearable levels but allowing you to still see Switzerland for the winter wonderland that it is. Additionally, the crowds from the ski slopes have thinned out, and the summer crowds have not yet started coming so most accommodation and travel tickets are cheaper. The weather in Switzerland might be slightly chilly this time of year, but with cheaper rates, beautiful wildflowers blooming across the valleys, fewer tourist, and stunning views, visitors really enjoy this time of year.

The weather offers average temperatures from 60 -74° F. Some highlights when visiting the area during these months are hiking, scenic train rides, the Lakes (especially Lake Lugano, on the Italian-Swiss border), and some of the Festivals, such as the Artisti di strada in Ascona.

Events and Festivals

- Primavera Concertistica, Locarno (April)

- Sechseläuten (Six O'Clock Chimes), Zurich (April)

- Corpus Christi. Solemn processions in the Roman Catholic regions and towns of Switzerland (May)

- Fête de Lausanne, Lausanne (June)