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September - October (autumn)

September and October make one of the most beautiful times to visit with the weather being fairly warm, but mildly chilly, and vibrant fall colors taking over the slopes (typically start to change color the end of September). For visitors preferring to explore the alpine nation with less shoulder-rubbing, these months are ideal, since it`s less crowded, yet weather remains agreeable.

Temperatures are starting to dip in September and October averaging around 57 - 75° F. Snow will start to fall in the mountains and days will get shorter. Some highlights in the autumn are hiking (although some trails may get snow covered) and you`ll find the best wine, as this is when the grape harvests happen. The higher passes and pass roads will start to close in October. This is a beautiful time to visit Interlaken, where you can see the stunning Jungfrau. This is a popular time to visit Lake Brienz and Lake Thun for paragliding, or even swimming.

Events and Festivals

- Autumn Festival (October)

- Aelplerchilbi, Kerns and other villages of the Unterwalden Canton (September/October)