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March - May

Springtime is a beautiful season to visit parts of China such as the western side of the country and Beijing when the air quality starts to improve with pleasant dry weather. The temperatures are relatively warm during this time of year with Shanghai and other cities seeing highs in the 50`s - 70`s and flowers and fruit trees beginning to bloom. The northern areas can still be quite cold at this time of year especially in the mountain areas. April can be filled with rainy days in the southern and central locations but the temperatures are still warm and vibrant festivals start to take place. May is beautiful and warm especially in the Yunnan Province with bright flowers and green landscapes covering the mountainside.

In May things begin to get more crowded especially at popular tourist attractions, hotel prices start to increase and things will begin to get busier as the summer months approach. May is also Labor Day when the whole country celebrates a 3 day holiday and the start of peak season and prices start to become more expensive.

Events and Festivals

- Lusheng Festival (April) – Miao and the mountain areas.

- Dragon Boat Festival (late May to early June) – Major cities and towns.

- Sister`s Meal Festival (May) – Miao festival.

- Labor Day (May 1st) – 3-day national holiday.