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Summer - December, January and February

The summer is the most popular time to visit New Zealand, making it peak tourist season with lots of crowds and high prices. Many of the locals take their vacations at this time of year and travel to the beautiful beaches to enjoy the warm sunshine. The country comes alive during the summer months with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy including the beach, snorkeling, and hiking, mountain biking, and boating. Summer begins in December with long, bright and warm sunny days providing visitors with ideal weather to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Summer also brings the crowds and higher prices for travel and accommodation, it is best to book in advance if you plan to visit during these months. Summertime in New Zealand is filled with festivities through the holiday season and the start of lots of summer events including sporting, concerts and the famous Marlborough Food and Wine Festival which takes place in February. The country is in bloom at this time of year with fresh fruit orchards, vibrant flowers, and colorful trees against the lush green landscapes and clear blue skies.

Events and Festivals

- Rugby Sevens in Wellington - (Jan - Feb) - The country`s favorite sport hosted in Wellington.

- Marlborough Food and Wine Festival (February) - The longest running wine festival held in the country.

- Wellington Fringe Festival (Feb - Mar) - Live music, entertainment.