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December - February

Wintertime in Egypt can be the most popular time to visit the country, when the temperatures start to cool off providing warm, sunny days and cool evenings with a breeze. The average daytime temperatures in Cairo during the winter are around 68 F and around 50 F in the evening. The winter weather provides comfortable temperatures to visit the country`s popular sites such as the Pyramids, ancient tombs, and other historical Egyptian sites.

Keep in mind this time of year is also peak tourist season and you will experience long lines at many of these popular attractions. Also, plan to book your accommodations and flights in advance to ensure availability. Prices for travel including cruises will be more expensive during the winter months, especially over the holiday season.

Events and Festivals

- Abu Simbel Sun Festival - (21st February) - The Abu Simbel temples were built so that on two days each year the sun aligns and illuminates the temples inner sanctum.

- Coptic and Orthodox Christmas - (Jan 7th) - The eastern churches celebrate the birth of Christ on January 7th, a national holiday. Muharram - (Jan 10th) - The start of the Islamic year.