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May - September

Summertime in Egypt can be stifling with high heat making explorations to the famous Pyramids and tombs quite draining. The desert and the south are incredibly hot from June to September and the capital city of Cairo is filled with pollution, if you are visiting during this time it is advised to do your sightseeing early in the mornings and evenings to escape the soaring mid-day temperatures. The month of May is pleasant, when the heat is tolerable and coastal cities and resort areas, such as Alexander and the Red Sea, are filled with beachgoers and swimmers enjoying the water and sea breeze.

The summer months definitely bring fewer crowds, meaning most of the sites can easily be seen at this time of year. If you can stand the heat then this is the time to come, average daily temperatures can reach the high 80`s and low 90`s and sometimes reach triple digits. Be sure to wear sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and bring along plenty of water if you are exploring Egypt this time of year. Accommodations, tours and overall travel prices are significantly lower during the summer time. A river cruise on the Nile this time of year is perfect with a nice breeze.

Events and Festivals

- Ramadan - (May, June dates vary each year - 30 days) - The Muslim holy month of daytime fasting, many shops, and banks are closed most of the day and some cafes and restaurants do not open during daylight hours. Nighttime brings a very festive atmosphere.