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Spring (March - May)

After a chilly winter, spring brings much needed warmth in Germany. This is a wonderful time when the country welcomes the beginning of the warm season. Average low spring temperatures range from a low of 33ºF in March to 47ºF in May. High temperatures range between 47ºF in March to 67ºF in May. With the rise in temperatures, so do prices for flights and hotels, but they are still considerably lower than in the peak season of summer. This is when the beginning of spring fairs, cherry blossoms, and Easter celebrations take place. May is considered to be the best month to visit with pleasant weather and loads of national festivals like May Day and Karneval der Kulteren.

Events and Festivals

- Spring Fairs, throughout Germany (especially in Augsburg, Munster, Nurnber, Hamburg, and Stuttgard) - Dates vary (spring)

- Rose Monday Parade (takes place during the Carnival of Germany) - Spring

- Walpurgis Festival, Harz Mountains - Night of April 30th

- Carnival of Cultures, Berlin - May

- International May Theatre Festival, Wiesbaden - May