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January - February

The start of the year brings cooler weather to most of the Philippines, making it a great time to travel and explore without being too hot. It is also the dry season with very minimal rain, this can still be a busy time of year after the holiday season. The month of February starts to bring warmer weather than the month of January but still very comfortable and the crowds start to thin out. The first few months of the year up to April are some of the best times to visit the country`s remote areas and spectacular beaches.

Events and Festivals

-Ati-Atihan (second week of January) - Kalibo and Aklan features a large festival with street carnivals, dancing, and music.

-Feast o the Black Nazarene – (January 9th) – Crowds gather outside the Quiapo Church in Manila to touch the Black Nazarene which is carried through the streets.

-Sinulog (3rd Sunday in January) – A large even celebrated in Cebu City with a street parade, music, and food.

-Pamulinawen – (first two weeks in February) – The largest annual event held in the capital city with parades, floats, and flowers.

-Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (February) – A four-day event with balloon rides, skydiving and aerobatics celebrated in Clark, Pampanga.