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June - August

The summer months in Jordan bring sizzling temperatures to most of the country. The valleys and hills of Amman can reach up to 104 F with dry heat, the Dead Sea and Aqaba can top out at 113 F and high humidity which can be intolerable. During the summer months when the temperatures are just too much to handle, do as the locals do and stay indoors from noon to three and take a siesta in the ac. If you do visit during this time and are out exploring in the heat be sure to bring plenty of water and seek shade often. During the month of July, the country receives 13.1 hours of sunshine on average per day. This can be a quieter time to travel as most people simply cannot stand the heat. Visiting the desert in the stifling summer can be a bit extreme which means travel and accommodation prices are at an all-time low.

Events and Festivals

- Perseid Meteor shower - (August) - The dark desert skies provide the perfect backdrop for watching the annual shower.

- Jerash Festival – (July or August) – The city of Jerash is the most famous Roman province in the world. The Culture and Arts show is a large celebration of music, drama, dance, and arts.