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November - February

This is summer time in South Africa which can be long, warm days where temperatures vary slightly across the country. The summer months run from November through February and average daytime highs can be expected in the mid to upper 80`s and overnight lows in the mid 60`s. Stunning Cape Town is one of the most popular destinations during the summer months, providing the perfect hot weather for a beach holiday. You will need to book well in advance if you plan to visit this time of year and be prepared for it to be crowded. The Garden Route also offers many quaint beach towns which are the perfect summer getaway with fewer crowds. Summertime can bring the rain, mostly in the formation of afternoon thunderstorms which are welcomed during the heat.

The holiday season is a busy time of year and December can be quite hectic in most areas of the country. The parks are extremely busy, children are on school holidays and tours sell out fast. Christmas and New Years accommodations need to be booked way in advance.

January and February are the hottest months especially in Cape Town, Drakensberg Mountains and Kruger National Park which experience the highest heat and heavy rains. The Western Cape and coastal towns can be quite pleasant with a refreshing cool breeze. The rains bring out the greenery in the country with lush thick forests and vegetation which make it hard to spot wildlife but a good time for bird watching.

Events and Festivals

- Up the Creek - Music festival with floats along the river outside of Cape Town.

- Christmas - Dec 25 - Celebrated Nationwide

- New Years Eve & New Years Day - Dec 31st and Jan 1st - Celebrated Nationwide.

- Cape Town Minstrel Carnival - Week of Jan 1st - A huge parade with teams of costumed minstrels with live music in Cape Town.