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September - November

If you`re looking for a cooler, quieter holiday then September or October is the best time. The end of September will still enjoy some heat, but it is likely to be fresher than the summer months cooling further into October. This is a particularly great time for a walking holiday as the lower temperatures make it perfect for this kind of activity without feeling stifled in the heat.

Fall daily highs range from 67° - 86° F, which feels very nice given the humidity and wind. The sunlight hours dip to seven hours during October and there is an added chance of rain. Though during October the weather can be stormy, with torrential downpours, they rarely last long; and sea temperatures (for water sports and diving) are still good as late as November, having had the whole of the summer `sun`.

The Fall is a great time to visit Gozo for visitors wishing to enjoy the island without the large crowds that summer brings. The outdoor summer life lives on during these months with many visitors still enjoying the beaches and the ever popular sport of diving in Gozo. The weather is still enjoyable to eat outside at the many open terraces of the various dining places spread around the island, or on beaches where delicious local snacks are served.

Cultural life on the islnd is in full swing during the fall season, as three of the main cultural events of the island take place at this time. The two main opera theatres in Victoria (the Astra and Aurora opera theatres) hold two operas during the month of October. In November, the Festival Mediterranea is held.