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November - February

The winter months bring drier weather after the monsoon season. The temperatures are warm with sunny skies making it the perfect time to get outside and explore the great outdoors. November to March are some of the most popular months to visit India when tourist season is in full effect. The beaches in the south are a popular destination during the winter months with Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu being at their prime.

November is a very good month to travel, packed with popular festivals including The Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan and the nationwide Diwali Festival of Lights. The holiday season is a busy time in India when accommodations and transport can be fully booked, so plan to book well in advance if you wish to secure accommodations and travel during this time of year.

Areas around the far north of the Himalayan Mountains will be covered in snow during the winter months but provide spectacular mountain views. The north-east regions and the North Indian hills are perfect in the winter for trekking. The temperatures in the Himalayas drops by 3.5F for every 1000 feet climbed. Darjeeling located in the Himalayan foothills see the coldest weather from December to January where temperatures plummet to nearly freezing at night and the daytime highs are around 50F.

General temperatures during the winter time reach highs in the 70`s during the day, and drop into the mid to low 40`s at night. October through March bring peak temperatures with the mid to high 80`s. January is a perfect month to sightsee with warm, dry days.

Events and Festivals

- Kite Festival - (January) - Held in Gujarat

-Bikanar Camel Festival - (November) - Held in Rajasthan where 50,000 camels and goats and their owners descend on Pushkar and Rajasthan.

-Republic Day - (January 26th) - New Delhi

-Diwali Festival of Lights - (October and November) - The ancient Hindu festival with spectacular firework displays and thousands of candles