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Parking is at a premium in the major cities and anything close to the major attractions will be located in zones that are pay-for-parking only. These areas include, but are not limited to, Warsaw`s Old Town down to Lazienki Park, the Warsaw Zoological Gardens, a six-block radius just outside Krakow`s Old Town, and the Main Town and Old Town of Gdansk. Parking usually consists of paying at a kiosk, displaying a ticket on the dashboard, and is usually time-limited. All-day parking is usually found at underground or above-ground car parks. Parking violations are solved with either a wheel clamp or a tow; either way, you will have to pay a hefty amount to get your car back. Waiting and parking are prohibited in areas where the vehicle has a chance to obstruct traffic or endanger the safety and lives of other commuters.

Disabled drivers are allowed to park in clearly-marked disabled parking spots (similar color and signage as in the United States, with the blue wheelchair). Bring your disabled parking permit (the one you would hang on the rear view mirror) to Poland with you and hang it on the rear view mirror when you park. In addition, print out the following placard at and place it on your dashboard. It explains that under European Union civil code, Polish police must honor disabled parking permits from other countries, including countries outside the European Union such as the United States. This placard is also useful in the event that anyone tries to challenge you on parking in the disabled space.

In tourist areas, petty theft from rental cars can be high. Do not leave any valuables in plain sight in your car, and don`t spend much time with any sort of valuable unattended in the car. Your hotel may offer secure parking on-site for free or for a fee; inquire about parking when booking your trip with TripMasters. Rental cars or cars with foreign plates tend to stick out more and may be more susceptible to burglary. You should encounter no problems if you park in secure locations and take valuables with you.