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Travel During COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQ

As more and more people are returning to travel, Tripmasters wants to help you understand the complexities of travel in the COVID-19 era. We want our clients to feel safe and to travel responsibly, so we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions and best practices to help clients preparing to travel.

Additionally, Tripmasters wholeheartedly recommends using the Sherpa website to understand current travel requirements or restrictions. Sherpa maintains information on necessary documentation, COVID-19 testing requirements, Visas, and more. We use it when helping clients, and we know you will find it as useful and informative as we do.

Suggestions for Smart and Safe Travel: In conclusion, Tripmasters is excited to welcome travelers back, but we still must remain vigilant. Part of doing so is providing resources for clients to navigate the ever changing pandemic, new requirements and restrictions, and travel options. It is important to us that you enjoy your trip, and it is important to do so safely. In addition to the above listed resources, we have added some suggestions for all our clients. We are looking forward to helping you get back to seeing and falling in love with the world through travel!

-Always keep your identification, passport, or visa informations readily accessible and up to date.
-Keep needed documents (COVID-19 Test Results, COVID-19 Vaccination record, Health Declaration form, Health Insurance cards, etc) handy.
-Have extra supplies on hand such as: extra face masks or face shields, tissues, and antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer, and wash your hands frequently.
-Only remove your mask when with your friends, family, or other travel partners.
-Maintain social distancing guidelines wherever possible.
-Use the Sherpa website to monitor your destination and its requirements or restrictions as the situation evolves.